Business is all about contracts.  Whether it is an agreement to buy supplies or to limit an employee from stealing your customers if they leave – businesses live and die by their contracts.  We, at The Law Office of Darin Siefkes, can help your company deal with its contracting issues.

We can first help by drafting or editing your company’s form contracts.  What a business needs for forms contracts depends on the individual business’s particular needs.  Some businesses need employee agreements that help define the employee’s rights and protects the employer’s intellectual property through confidentiality and non-compete provisions. Other businesses need Master Service Agreements for their customers. We can draft purchase orders, bills of sale, NDA’s.  Most successful companies have these types of form agreements ready to go when needed.  That makes sure that when one of those agreements is needed, the terms are what your business needs to protect itself.

We also handle deal-specific contracts.  Whether you are purchasing a business or are dealing with a contract first time, we can help to make the terms fair for you.  We have drafted contracts to be used for software development, university deals, custom leases and other agreements that are too numerous to discuss.  Whatever your contractual need, we can draft or edit the other side’s agreement to make sure it is fair for your situation and protects you how you need to be protected.